Barbican no3 #vscocam

Looking through the Eye #vscocam #london_only

Barbican 01 #vscocam #london_only

Growing mushrooms #vscocam #london_only

East London is being creative #londonpop #london_only

Are you looking? #london_only #vscocam

It’s summer!

Glorious British summer sky #vscocam #london_only

On the way back to London


These are snippets from our journey back to London. After one year of living ‘la dolce vita’ in Rome we realised rainy London fits better to our characters. We filled in our little blue Lupo and set off towards Calais to pick up the ferry to Dover. 1800kms drive, gear-box broken but safe and sound we arrived in London.

I’ve been really quiet here for a long time due to a pretty hectic period I…

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Dilapidated beauty


Built for the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome this building was designed by architect Annibale Vitellozzi. The arena is constructed with a ribbed concrete shell dome 61m in diameter, itself constructed of 1620 prefabricated concrete pieces, braced by concrete flying buttresses. As much of the structure was prefabricated, so that the dome was erected in 40 days.

To me it is a 60′s classic and I love…

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